Social media isn’t good for us. I want to bypass it and go back to email, sharing my thoughts and explorations directly for you to read or discard at your leisure.

Each week on Saturday morning I will send you an email with a personal update, and then a few recommendations from my recent explorations of personal growth and joyful living. It might be a book, quote, documentary, or anything that left me feeling inspired or energized.

I want to add value to your life by sharing what has added value to mine, and by maintaining a connection with you through sharing what I’ve been up to, and perhaps hearing what you’ve been up to in return.

Most of us are inundated with emails, recommendations, and everything else all the time. My goal is for this newsletter to be succinct and rewarding—easy to skim and effortless to delete when you’re done. I hope that you’ll enjoy receiving it, and that your life will be better in some way for having seen it.

If I sent you this link, please don’t feel obligated to sign up. If you do sign up, feel free to unsubscribe whenever.